Psycho Quiles Qu’est Que C’est

Alicante is a mountainous area of Spain where developers rolled in and made some of the sickest roads on the planet in one of the most scenic places on the planet. Then after paving all of the roads the Spanish economy took a giant dive and no one moved in to build homes. Leaving endless runs with virtually no traffic for the very few skaters that make the trip out. Back in the day Pablo “Psycho” Quiles spent nearly every day mapping the hills and locating the best runs which he coined “Psycho Spots”.

PRISM SKATE CO | Into The Mind: Liam Cliff

“We started Prism to do our own thing, so we ditched the myopic and tired industry norm for artist profiles and instead collaborated with Liam Cliff to create a unique art piece. Prism was born in the spirit of collaboration because we believe that working towards shared visions produces stronger and more interesting results. We take this approach to developing all of our products and followed suit to make sure this piece with Liam was a reflection of building something together. Welcome to the mind of Liam Cliff.”