Photos: North Carolina Part 1

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Midsboys Pete, Kai, Stephan and Mac swoop through a leafy right.

Max went to North Carolina to hang with the locals and a choice selection of Team Mids. Here are some photos from the first half of the trip.

This is the only time in all of downhill skate photo history in which someone’s moustache and monocle visor stickers lined up with the rider’s face and looked cool. Unfortunately, I do not know this rider’s name. Comment on facebook and I’ll correct this later.

Jeff Vyain from Pantheon showed up to the session and went hard through this righty.

The midsboys bombing down the super straight at Paradise hill.

Matt Deitch going switch (!) through a big right hairpin on a patchy day at the Shire.

Kai “The Flying Salami” gripping near the bottom of the Jungle.

Stephan “Inturnt” Vaast gettin’ it at Paradise.

Rami pokin’ it out toeside at the top of Paradise.

Local Kyle K hadn’t skated in weeks when he came out and slayed Camp Sucky with us.

Lucas Gianetti keeps eyes on the apex in one of those high-consequence Camp Sucky rights.

Jack Traynor hangs on through a wet righty.

Rami with the beast mode squatter at the bottom of the super straight.

Jack Traynor, barreled in a sweeper.

Part two later this week. In the mean time, check the new issue of SkateSlate for more photos and a rad writeup by Matt Deitch

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