Sector 9 LumiSkate: Glow in the Dark Skateboards

 In Sector 9

It’s hard not to have fun riding a skateboard and even harder not to smile when it glows in the dark. The folks over at Sector 9 bring you the LumiSkate Series featuring glow in the dark graphics and wheels. A few of us over at SkateHouseMedia were hesitate of a gimmick at first but with a high quality urethane mixed with luminescent and solid wood constructed decks, these setups are a blast to rip around town. While Sector 9 can’t say it, it’s nice to give off some light while pushing around in the darkness.

“The new LumiSkate Series from Sector 9 allows you to take back the night! Glow in the dark graphic and wheels with luminescent urethane that charges while you roll. Perfect commuting board day or night! Available in two different shapes to suit your riding style.”

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