James Kelly in Lebanon

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“I’m proud and excited for this to be live! This is a video series filmed over four days capturing the most inspiring trip I’ve ever been on. The trip was to Lebanon, with the goal to team up with Travis Beard [Argus] and promote their humanitarian program promoting healthy lifestyle through skateboarding / long-boarding to Syrian and Palestinian youth, as well as underprivileged Lebanese youth. The experience was not only life changing for me, but I believe the catalyst for a resilient program that will improve the lives of people fleeing conflict.. There will be many more skateboards in Lebanon next year.

Ultimately this trip turned into so much more for me. I shook hands with Hezbollah soldiers, skated in border zones and met some amazing people. But the thing that’s stayed with me more then anything was how inspirational this misunderstood region of the world is. Everywhere I went I was meeting well educated people that where making sacrifices to spearhead projects in war torn areas. All to help make the world a better place. I can’t thank everyone that made this happen enough and I can’t wait to be back.” – Housemate James Kelly

Click below to watch parts 2 and 3!

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