Event Coverage : Cota Freeride Jam 2016

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Longboard Colombia here in Bogota put on a slide jam on the coolest hill in the zone. Hometown hero Camilo Cespedes flew in from Californai to skate and to reunite with the rest of the Colombian Downhill family. The event got several inches of rain, but rainy conditions are nothing new for Bogota locals, for them it just meant longer slides.


Felipe Marin (S1 Helmets, Valhalla) comes into the main right corner, careful not to hit the choppy inside.


Andres Felipe bombing the course on his park board and soft wheels, bringing the sketchy wobbly slides you crave.


Up close and personal with Panelo (S1 Helmets, Valhalla)


Nicolas Marty (S1 Helmets, Valhalla) with a fully tweaked out check, setting up for the big corner on some heinously slidey wheels

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