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Let’s start with the basics: Please state your name, age, hometown, years skateboarding, years bombing hills, and who gives you free skate shit.

Braden Tibbles, 24, from Toronto, Ontario.
Got my first board when I was 14 or so, been bombing hills for the last 3 or 4 years now.
I’m hooked up by NOS Energy Drinks, Switchback Longboards, Rayne Longboards, and Sector9 wheels.

When did you first visit the skatehouse? How many times have you been back since? How many sets of wheels do you think you’ve ground into dust on [redacted]?

I first visited the skatehouse in the winter of 09. Visited again in the winter of 11 then this year I was there twice at the beginning of the year. As for burning wheels on [redacted], That’s kind of hard to guess, I’d say something like 14 sets, probably more, just assuming at least one set a week.

What’d you expect the skatehouse to be like? How was it different?

When I first showed up at skatehouse I sure didn’t expect it to be 7 or so people living in a two-bedroom apartment with 4 or more additional skaters sleeping over most nights. I don’t really know if I had many expectations on the house, I just wanted to skate the hills and that’s all I was focused on.

How is the new skatehouse different from the old one?

Ha, so different it’s ridiculous. A dramatic upgrade for sure. First off it has to be at least triple the size, probably more than that. There’s a lot more space to chill: if you have to get some work done, you’ll actually be able to find a quite spot in the house. Then there’s tons of other bonuses like a washer, dryer, more then one washroom… even a mini ramp now!

But I’m not ragging on the old house. It was definitely interesting. Forcing everyone to chill in the livingroom / bedroom, it was kind of homely. But obviously that could get a little hectic at times.

On a cleanliness scale from hospital to crackhouse, how would you rate our housekeeping skills?

I’d say it ranges a bit, I mean some mornings you’ll wake up to a mess worse then something you’d see in a washroom at the IHOP. But for the most part its kept pretty clean, everyone does their part to help clean up. Overall I wouldn’t say hospital clean, maybe retirement home clean? You know, those crooked ones you see on the news.

What’s the gnarliest thing you’ve seen here in California? Any crazy stories to tell?

One day when most of the housemates we’re out working me and Simon Pigeon went to go skate a local spot, a pretty fun pathway about a 20 minute skate away from the house. While skating there a SUV pulled into a gas station right in front of us and just crashed into the side of someone pulling out of the gas station. That was pretty funny to see, but the best part was the reaction of the little old lady in the SUV’s passage seat. I’m guessing it was the mother of the girl driving. She immediately got the girl to back out and speed off leaving the victim confused looking at this huge dent in the side of her car.

Can you describe a day in the life of the skatehouse? Are any of the skatehousemates particularly lazy?

I don’t think I could describe and average day in the skate house. Its just so random, some days most guys will be headed off to work or heading off on the next crazy road trip. Other days will be spent raging hills after breakfast at classic grill. And other days will consist of just chilling at the skatehouse, editing videos and cleaning up the never-ending mess.

I wouldn’t say any particular skate house members are lazy, I mean everyone can be at times, but its good to just have a chill day every once in a while.

Did you make it into any videos?

A few. Stoked on the gmr and [redacted] videos. Some good rock wall clips of when I first visited too haha.

How are the hills here compared to your local hills?

What local hills? The hills in Toronto are definitely on a much lower scale then California. We have a lot of very fun, yet very short hills. But even with this sort of lack of hills we have a huge scene. On nice summer days our local spots can be crowded with skaters.

Do you feel you were a good houseguest? How did you contribute to the health and well-being of chez Skatehouse?

I think I’m an all right guest for sure.
I try to contribute best I can really. Definitely clean up and help where ever I can. This is kind of how I see it; rent in LA can’t be cheap, and if I’m staying there for sometimes at a month at times I’m obviously going to help out as much as I can since I’m not dishing out that dough. More so I always look for ways I can help out the house, Sometimes pans in the kitchen are pretty broke off, Or most the glasses have been broken, And its really not much to run out and grab a replacement. Doing that kind of stuff on your own definitely shows something.

Did you get broke off?

Thankfully I haven’t, nothing serious anyways. I’ve come home with scrapes, bruises, and ash rash a couple times.

Favorite video?

Best of 2010 pt1. So much awesomeness in that video.

Plans to visit again?

Planning that right now actually. Looking like I’ll be escaping winter again for some California Sun.

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