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Back in 2004, Bear Trucks began its mission to design a better downhill skateboard truck. Since then, we have been a key player in the downhill scene and we feel that our products reflect that. Our goal is to work hand-in-hand with team riders and community members to make gear that enables them to push the limits of what people thought was possible on a skateboard.

The Bear Trucks team has grown a bit over the last few years to get to where it’s at now. It’s safe to say we have some of the most talented skateboarders on our team now: Adam Yates, Billy Meiners, Brett Ciabattini, Bruno Sirera, Cristina Verdu, Charlie Darragh, Dejuane Jones, Dillon Stephens, Elena Corrigall, Ethan Galaif, Graeme Hystad, GUFF, Kyle Martin, Kyle Wein, Mackenzie Yoshida, Maga McWhinnie, Matt Bates, Michael Carson, Nick Breton, Pat Schep, Paul Gratland, Riley Harris, Stephan Reinhardt, Stephen Vaughn, Steven Vera, Toti Bicicleta, and Travis Craig.

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