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Last year’s Skatesgiving was brought to you by Landyachtz, Sector 9, Kebbek, Comet, Rayne, Paris, RAD, & Bear.

Last year was Thomas Trnka’s first time coming on our Skatesgiving trip. He hopped on board with his Hasselblad 2003FCW, Nikon FM2 & F100, Graflex, Canon 5DMII, & and an Olympus Stylus Infinity. Thomas is from Montreal, Quebec and he is an active member of DGM.

Thomas Trnka knows how to capture a moment that will speak for itself.
Eric Jensen rides Comet Skateboards, Caliber Trucks, and RDVX.

If you look closely you can see Brian Peck throwing a “sick as fuck” (middle finger + thumbs up) whilst driving the Comet van.

Immediately after Soldiers Of Downhill, we went to Skatopia. Best way to kickstart a two week skateboarding adventure.

George Mackenzie dives into the oncoming lane with Pat Schep & Benjamin Dubreuil in hot pursuit.

Kebbek Skateboards rider John Barnet trails the pack as Comet Skateboards rider Will Seal leads it.

Billy “Bones” Meiners always has a trick up his sleeve. This Portland local can crush a karaoke session like no other.

Not an early grab. Comet Skateboards, RDVX, and Paris Truck Co. rider, Brian Peck boosting out of the Lula bowl.

Schap Pep
Pat Schep takes a solo run down one of North Carolina’s finest. “Schepatitus P” rides for Landyachtz & Bear.

Point it down.
Comet Skateboards, Caliber Trucks, and RDVX park shralper, Eric “I’m sorry guys” Jensen throws down a smith through the pocket.

Ben Dub is synonymous with entertainment. He rides Kebbek Skateboards, Gullwing Trucks, and Rider Approved Designs.

Mouse Trap.
Make sure you have real ways to have fun on those long drives. You can only count on your cell phone to run out of batteries.

Bring a 24 pack.
If your planning on going to Skatopia, the only way in is with a 24 pack of pabst blue ribbon.

Sector 9 Skateboards & Paris Truck Co. rider Matt Kienzle chases G-Mack. They’re lead by Louis chasing Boone local Will Seal.

Louis Pilloni loves to get high on full pipes. He also loves to go fast on Sector 9 Skateboards, Gullwing Trucks, RDVX, and RAD Wheels.

Ben Dub has a pro-model on Kebbek Skateboards, but he chose to ride the smallest board in Kebbek‘s lineup (TM-33) instead.

Comet skateboarders Brian Peck & Eric Jensen doing one of their favorite pastimes; Mocking Matt K’s straight-edge ways.

Louis likes to get high in the Lula Bowl cradle.

The rear of the “Open Road Crew” automobile.

Landyachtz & Bear rider Billy Bones floats a method slider over the top of the wall.

At dusk, the entire Skatesgiving team & most of the Boone, NC locals prepare to drop into “Borderland” before the night sets in.

Longtime Skatesgiving partakers Matt Kienzle & Pat Schep make it down one of North Carolina’s steepest runs.

It’s weird to think that we won’t all be piling into the Comet van this year…

Take advantage of the colors this thanksgiving. Don’t worry, we’re still going to North Carolina and we’ll be bringing back footage.

If you like Thomas’ photography, make sure to check out DGM‘s Kickstarter project.

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