MuirSkate the States | Arizona and New Mexico

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“Episode 2 of the MuirSkate the States Campaign Tour takes us to Arizona and New Mexico! First we stopped off at Arizona State University to pass out stickers and swag, getting the college kids stoked and making sure they’re riding safe. Then we headed up to the hills to skate with the SK8PHX crew! After a few hours of shredding, we passed out some gear from our sponsors and got back on the road, headed to Albuquerque, New Mexico. New Mexico is rad as always! Miles of skateable ditches as well as some epic mountain runs. The locals even played hooky for the day (with their parents permission) just to show us around and skate! After miles of ditches, and downhill, we tossed our some more swag, and headed off to Dallas, Texas.” – Muir Skate

Check out there setups: Scott Lembach, Brian Sandoval and Derek Smith

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