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Last weekend’s squad dropping into Full Throttle.

I started hearing about a dope new run out in the canyon country last year, but didn’t make it out there until earlier this month. This post has photos from two separate visits.

Riley Irvine airbraking down Wall Street.

Like many other insanely sick downhill spots, this road had been built right before the 2008 housing crash. Some optimistic real estate investor bought a remote mountainside and built a road up it, intending to sell vacation home sites. Then Lehman Brothers went bankrupt, the global economy exploded, and the wealthy people who they were hoping would buy the plots decided to save their pennies. Long story short, we have a steep, winding road that goes from nowhere to nowhere.

Whole squad out here. That’s Ben DeSnyder in the corner there.

We arrived in the middle of the night and pitched tents in the dark.

Shout out to the REI Passage 2 tent.

Woke up to some dank scenery and a morning campfire to warm up.

OMG so lifestyle.

Coffee. Bagels. Wrenching on skateboards. Typical morning stuff.

Sufficiently warmed, fed, and caffeinated, we got to skating.

This is Doug Tolman Knox Heslop. When he isn’t shooting excellent photographs, he shreds downhill.

“Braffs, dude.”

Hitting the waterfall corner. (Dubler is bad with names. Hit us up and we’ll get your photo credited.)

The top is at very high altitude and usually has intense winds, but the view is nice.

That “3 days without a shower” realness. T Shirt from the SF Lone Star, flannel by Schott, vest model’s own design.

The top of the hill is referred to as “Full Throttle,” and it’s a pothole-strewn tucking section where very high speeds are possible.

The back of the pack chill squad cruising down Full Throttle. Note the potholes and sheep poop.

After that, it’s a high speed rollercoaster that’s as gnarly as you wanna make it.

Austin Pedroni leading Adam Astor down the waterfall left. Caleb brings up the rear.

Zach Keller in the zone.

Someone herds sheep on the mountain. It’s all very Brokeback Mountain.

One of the shepherd’s horses chilling by the side of the road. Downhill skateboarding tends to spook them, so chill.

Braffsback Mountain?

iPhone snap of Roger Hernandez styling the hairpin at the very top of the hill.

The locals have been about this hill for a few years. They considered trying to have a race there, but decided against it to avoid blowing out the spot.

Riley Irvine leading Kalil and Adam Astor. Spark pucks are so fucking cool.

The hill isn’t crazy fast so you can pack ride it if you’re gnarly. Here’s a sequence of Aaron Breetwor and Austin getting way too rad. They both rode this out.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Note the fidget spinner on Austin’s belt.

Bryce Brady, the guy who does Zealous bearings, is a local. Catch him out there on Saturdays.

Austin’s skate face is always on point.

Chubbs gettin’ it.

I swear there are more than four corners on this hill. It’s just that only a few of them get good light in the afternoon, when I take off my kneepads and pick up the camera.

Caleb with the squad.

The flowers are very pretty.

Austin comin’ in hot.

Great personal style on display here. This is Charlie Davidson.

This was about 2 seconds after the toeside drift above. I love a hand-down to standup combo breaker.

Caleb coming into the lookout righty.

Town is a half-hour drive.

Popped down into town for dinner and road rash treatment. Chubbs refuses to get staph again.

The camping is pretty kind, even when the temperature goes below freezing.

The drive home always feels twice as long.

Vegas to LA traffic sucks on Sundays.

I’m pretty sure it’s gonna start snowing up there soon and I can’t wait to get back there next spring.

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