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Aaron Breetwor

Aaron Breetwor is a Northern California native currently living in New York City. He was editor in chief of the first six Skate[Slate] issues, you might also recognize his work from the early photography of Blood Orange. His main focus now is Downgrade Magazine. DGM is in it’s early days, make sure you check out what it’s all about. Here is some of his work, in black & white.

Aaron “from the block” Grulich slowing it down.

Arbor/Caliber/Blood Orange‘s all around skater Brandon Tissen can literally skate anything that is in his path.

Adrian Joseph nailing the bush barrel line.

Byron Essert throws his flavor onto a legendary Northern California favorite.

Comet rider & Caliber team manager Big Dave wall riding the uber tuber.

Blood Orange, Caliber, and Arbor‘s Liam Morgan on the hood of the Sunset Sliders‘s bus. Fresh from his high school graduation.

Sliding his way up, Jesse Breiman heads towards the apex of the turn.

AFB navigates through a sinuous San Francisco gem.

San Francisco’s beautiful bumps, capitalized on by Byron Essert.

Construction of the Caliber mini ramp in skate house’s backyard.

Comet & Caliber rider Jensen ate shit on the Alpine Routes trip and had to sleep face down ass up for several weeks.

Josephmyles Duran ollies into a very steep ‘crisco concrete shoot. JM rides Blood Orange bushings in his Caliber trucks.

Like what you see or would like to see more ? Make sure to check out DGM‘s Kickstarter project.

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