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Swedish shredder Adam Persson has been lurking at the Skatehouse for the last month or so, traveling to Buffalo Bill with the crew, skating the local hills, playing with his Kendama, and hitting grinds on the mini-ramp.

Since its introduction to the community by Dillon Stephens, the Kendama has taken professional downhill skateboarding by storm.

When did you visit the skatehouse and where did you come from?
Right after Calgary this year (2012). So I arrived 2nd or 3rd of September, thinking I’d stay for a week or two. Got told that they were running Buffalo Bill at the end of the month and that I should stay for at least that event. So I ended up staying for about 6 weeks including road trips and other fun stuff..

Was the skatehouse anything like what you’d expected? What surprised you?
My first thought was, skateboards everywhere. I was right!
Also thought it was going to be smaller, both the house and the newly built mini ramp. But the ramp was sick: if you don’t feel like hitting a hill, it’s there for you 10am – 6pm, a true friend. You even have time to do both transition and hills in a day.
Dart board, pingpong table, xbox, mini ramp and a bunch of skaters.. It’s like a kindergarten for skaters, dope!

Railing the second right at Kozakov while Zak Maytum follows.

What was your favorite part of visiting the skatehouse? What sucked?
Being close to a lot of sick hills, with a lot of good skaters. Burritos and mexican food in general, I’m going to miss that. Dubler’s all-burrito diet is where it’s at, breakfast, lunch & dinner!
Nothing really sucked, but if you don’t have a car, getting to hills can be pretty hard.

How was it road tripping with James and Louis? Where did you guys go?
So much fun! A lot of driving in the awesome Muir van, losing money in Vegas, Buffalo Bill, Byron killing it, many fun and sick skate runs, skateparks, ditches, Gabe saying cunt, deer hunting i Colorado, police officers knowing about the deer hunting, kendama battles with Dillon – that pretty much sums it all up. We passed through Las Vegas on our way to Colorado, Golden, Boulder then Santa Fe, Albuquerque & a final stop at Lonnie’s place in Arizona.

“Everyone in the van? Otherwise you’re blowing it!” – Gabe

Adam has a really good tuck. I tried to follow him with my camera a take pictures while skating and was completely unable to keep up.

What’s your favorite spot in the US? What do you want to go back to?
Jeff’s spot in SD is pretty hard to beat. He really knows the way of life! Give it a couple of more years and I can give you an answer to that question, so many things I want to see and skate here.

What’s Swedish food like? Did the food in New Mexico agree with you?
Swedish food is awesome! A lot of meat, potatoes and pasta, not very spicy. Nothing beats my grandmas’ PITE PALT though, best food out there. Google it!
Haha, I had a hard time in NM. Everything was soooo spicy. David Price took us to a taco truck one morning for a breakfast burrito. I got the medium sauce on it, man that was SPICY! Got it all down, but yeah, my stomach wasn’t happy after that thing.

How long have you been skating? Did you skate before you started bombing hills? What’s your favorite kind of skating?
Not really sure what year it was, but I think I started skating in -02. Took up downhill skateboarding in the fall of -09.
I pretty much love all kinds of skateboarding. Whatever puts the biggest smile on my face!
But I must say shredding around the city on a 38″ double kick is a favorite. Going down hills, throwing ollies, hitting ledges, everything on the same board.

Predrifting the fast righty at Kozakov.

Sweden has pretty harsh winters. Do you just sit inside playing with your six-row Rubik’s cube and Kendama? How do you get through the non-skating months?
Haha, the cubes sure get used more during that time of year. The Kendama is a new thing that Dillon Stephens introduced to me during the eurotour this year, it’s probably gonna be used a lot this winter, so addicting.
But I usually spend my winters trying to save up money for the upcoming season, work in the Kahalani store as much as possible. When I’m not working I’m skiing or playing around in the snow. Skiing is so much fun and I hope that I get a couple of weeks down in the alps this year.

Stand-up slide, California.

You’ve traveled around quite a bit and hit a number of rad skate events. What’s your favorite?

Ekstremsportveko in VOSS for sure! It’s THE event. The only event I’m certain to attend next year so far. The only downside to Voss is that it is SUPER expensive. So I have to say Kozakov too, because it’s my favorite hill and that it’s CRAZY cheap.

Do’s and don’ts for visiting the skatehouse? How can people avoid blowing it?

TP, shit tickets, toilet paper, toapapper: make sure to bring at least a couple of rolls, preferably a couple of packages. Clean up after yourself and help out with cleaning in general. Be stoked and shred the mini ramp!

Don’t break the glass vases in the garage!! They have a certain sentimental value to a lot of people in the house.

Last question: who gives you free skate shit and makes your international skate party lifestyle possible?

Kahalani Boards & Trucks. The brothers running the store back home in Stockholm are still to this day my biggest inspiration. They got me into the whole longboarding scene and I’m truly thankfull. Riders to riders!
I also ride for RAD Wheels! Louis hooked me up this spring and they are so sick. The wheels have helped my racing a lot this year.. Make sure to try them out if you haven’t!

I also have to mention my awesome dad. Him working at an airline sure helps me getting around the world for less money and he’s beeing super supportive all day, everyday. SHYEA!

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