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K-Rimes out front in a super tight semifinal, while Zak Maytum, Aaron Hampshire, and Byron Essert jockey for position. This bottom right-hand sweeper is a solid 60mph.

With big corners, a super wide track, and sustained steep grades, Peyragudes is one of the fastest races on the IDF world cup tour.

The big right hairpin is a wide, moderate-speed corner with rough pavement that makes it extremely difficult to grip through. This unknown rider saw the ladies spectating and decided to show off.

The course starts with a quick bomb through town, then hits a left hairpin. This is Connor Ferguson out front of what I’m pretty sure is the junior’s finals. Connor rides Sector 9 boards with RDVX grip and RAD wheels.

About 100 yards after the left hairpin, you hit this right hairpin with a bunch of manholes right in the good line. Sector 9 and Paris rider Matt K threads the needle while some young fans watch.

From the right, you drop into a big straightaway with a left kink. Byron Essert bombs in with the right hairpin in the background.

Here’s Madrid and Venom rider Calvin Staub in the left kink.

Once you’re through the right, there’s a good long straightaway into a big flat left hairpin. This corner is really unforgiving: take a bad line and you come out of it crawling. In 2012 I watched Sector 9 rider Erik Lundberg get savagely bricked after he went to footbrake for this corner at 60mph and wobbled out, smashing his helmet and ripping his leathers. This year, he went for the slide. That’s Elena Corrigall behind him, repping Landyachtz.

Here’s another angle, with RAD luge/film guy Mikel Echegaray Diez chasing K-Rimes in a practice run. You can really see how flat it is here. That corner drops you into the big wide righty pictured above, then drops into a super fast straight with three little right kinks before the finish line.

Bicycling up crazy steep mountain passes is super popular in France, so most of the badass hills have these signs that show the altitude, distance to the summit, and average grade of the road. This is Aaron Hampshire raging one of those right kinks in qualifying.

It’s not usually my style to take photos of sunsets, but the night before the race was super epic.

Sector 9/RAD/RDVX grip rider Jimmy “Rad Train” Riha’s skating is looking tough lately. He’s got this low, aggressive style that’s really cool to watch.

Gotta show some love to the double-grab smoking footbrake steez.

Jacko rocking a surprisingly small wheelbase on his Sector 9 board. Apparently he re-drilled it in for more agility at Maryhill and decide he liked it. Jacko rides RAD wheels and Venom bushings.

This might have been the last Peyragudes race for a while, as the organizer is busy doing real-life stuff like having a kid.

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