RDVX: Build Custom Skateboard Concave with Inplants

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RDVX Inplants are longboard skateboard grip inserts that mount between your deck and the bottom of your shoes to modify and improve how your board performs. They are ultra-light, strong, customizable, adjustable, re-useable, and hot-swappable to let you experiment, building toward your perfect board feel. Inplants create more noticeable concave contours, so you know exactly where your feet are on your board. Your board concave shouldn’t be set in stone. Inplants slide forward, back, left, right, and in some cases rotate to adjust board feel for riders of all sizes in ways that are not possible with traditional stacked grip 3D concave modification. Quick and easy to add, repeat, or swap-out, Inplants are totally adjustable, customizable, and whatever the hell you want to do with them-able. Inplants should be added to a board that you love. Be the first the get your hands on Inplants by supporting the Kickstarter.


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