RDVX: What’s your setup with Louis Pilloni

 In Skate Nerd

“RDVX Skateboard Grip Pro Rider, Louis Pilloni, reviews the his Pro Inplant and his Sector 9 “Arrow” Pro Model setup. Louis’ stacks his board with R.A.D. 78a Glides for freeriding, 78a Advantages for Downhill and Gullwing Reverse Trucks with R.A.D. 89a Bushings. Louis boosts his lock-in with RDVX Longboard Grip Tape and the Louis’ Pilloni Inplant, which he designed to allow riders to easily find the center of their board. Back us on Kickstarter to order your Inplant or to get a hold of one of 12 signed Sector 9 “Arrow” Louis Pilloni pro decks. “

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