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“Designed with the legend of Bob Marley in mind, and an eye towards the environment, these boards are constructed with 100% sustainably harvested Bamboo and graced with some of his most iconic images. This collection offers something for every riding style, but if riding one of these beauties seems like a waste, celebrate Bob and your love of skateboarding by putting a deck on the wall.” – Sector 9

Rider: Trent Carroll
Film/Edit: Louis Pilloni
Music: “Iron Lion Zion” by Bob Marley
Courtesy of Island Records under license from Universal Music Enterprises


Concrete Jungle: We thought it’s important to have an extremely adaptable board in our 2018 Bob Marley line-up and the Concrete Jungle fits the bill.  This cool customer will let you light up your local skatepark, push through town with ease, or just cruise to your own rhythm, with the extra bonus of having Bob on board!

Buffalo Soldier: ‘Buffalo Soldier’ is one of Bob’s most memorable songs and we feel our board by the same name is going to provide you with some good memories, as well. Our 61MM Nineball Wheels will transport you over all types of concrete terrain and the functional kick tail gives you the ability to ollie up and over any obstacles you may encounter.  The 5 ply bamboo construction, combined with a new image of Bob, will make this one of the most beautiful boards in your quiver.  

One Love: In addition to Bob’s music, the ‘One Love’ we all share is skateboarding!  Whether you’re on the hills or flat streets, you can feel secure on this board as the drop through mounts make it lower, easier to push, and more stable.  Sharp turns, classic carving, and freeride runs are all possible with the 29” wheelbase and like the other boards in this collection, the 5 Ply Bamboo construction will be sure to turn people’s heads as you skate by.

Natural Mystic: Flow smoothly through the streets on the Natural Mystic, the largest board in this season’s Marley series.  From traditional carves to long-distance pushing, this vehicle is sure to put a smile on your face (but maybe not as big as Bob’s), as you groove to your personal soundtrack.  There’s nothing mysterious about it – if you’re looking for a commuter or a carver, this board is a solid choice.


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