Photos: Angie’s Curves

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Angie’s Curve itself is crazy steep. Louis had it under control, though.

Angie’s was the gnarliest race ever. Max took some photos. More after the jump.

Swiss and extrordinarily stable on those Magun trucks, Jolanda Vogler footbrakes through the wreckage in the approach to Angie’s Curve.

Turn 7 was where the realness of reality was in full effect. James was one of a few dudes that went full balls every run, tucking in to a toeside at a real-life 60+ miles an hour, which is like 74 on the internet.

This is a chick breaking her ankle after she wobbled out and tumbled in the fast chicane. Your foot isn’t supposed to bend that way.

Most people can’t rock a clear visor without looking dumb. Spencer Smith can.

Local boy Duke Degen went hard in his quiet way, making second in the final.

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