Photos – Maryhill FOS 2014

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Dane Weber keeps clear of the carnage behind him.

Here are some photos Dubler snapped between heats Maryhill this year.

Vegas Mike Snyder barged the rough patch in the lefty before Cowzer’s.

Jomar Guzman has a pretty excellent skate face. He rides for Sector 9.

This is the women’s final. Elena was way out front and isn’t in the picture.  Georgia Bontorin from Brazil was in second, but fell off her skateboard right before the finish line, so Amanda Powell swooped it and Alicia Fillback got third. Earlier in the day, Emily Pross’ dad tried to get Katie disqualified on a technicality. She got fourth.

Utah’s Bryce Brady doesn’t race on Sundays for religious reasons, but he went hard in Saturday’s qualifying race.

Sector/RAD/Venom rider Jacko Shapeira leads the way in the quarterfinals, followed closely by Muir’s Max Ballesteros, Comet’s Dustin Hampton, Sector/RAD rider Jimmy Riha, and Venom/Madrid rider Calvin Staub.

Venom homie Chip Wood has a real 9-5 professional job writing software for microchip testing, but still gets out to shred. He kept wide of the rough patch while Connor Ferguson went for some weird stalefish cornering move.

K-Rimes and Zak Maytum battle it out in the consolation final. Zak managed to make this inside pass with his ass on the hay, which was pretty heroic. Max Wippermann and Jacko are in there too.

This is the finals. Dalua, who rides for Rayne and ABEC, deployed the crucial “talk to the hand, ’cause the face ain’t listening” move on Patrick.




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