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Racing is heated down in Colombia and the crew finishes off their season of National Races with a Championship near Cali, Colombia. Low altitude, hot, humid, jungle vibes. The race course rips through a village that is shut down annually for the race. Certainly not the fastest event in the world but the course has some incredibly challenging corners, watch out for the bridge corner!
Open Podium:
1st: Felipe Marin (S1, Valhalla)
2nd: El Panelo
3rd: Esneider Osorno

Amateur Podium:
1st: Nicolas Avila
2nd: Junior Anacona
3rd: Santiago Granada (S1, Valhalla)

Women Podium:
1st: Sirley Tabares
2nd: Angie Duque
3rd: Jenny Salazar

Junior Podium:
1st: Sho Ouellette (S1, Valhalla, Paris)
2nd: Gabriel Huerfano
3rd: Maicol Campos

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