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Downhill skateboards for skate rats, by skate rats.

Valhalla Skateboards is the project that got Bad Decisions Alex into all of this trouble. Five years ago a well mannered Computer Science nerd studying at University of Texas made a copy of his Rayne Isis in his garage. Then he made a few more for his friends. Then he made his first mold; A few boards for kids on Silverfish, a board or two sold to a local rider. Then the project then sat on the back-burner while studies distracted him from creating.

He sat in class every day melting into his seat, wishing he was skating, drawing shapes in his notebook. Eventually he had enough and Alex made a bad decision. Heading west to try and make it in the big city is far from original (or advisable), but one more lecture about microprocessors was going to throw him over the edge. He decided to drop out of University to move to Los Angeles and try to make it running a skateboard company. Alex teamed up with Madrid Skateboards in Huntington Beach to handle production and distribution leaving him time to create a team and an image.

Three days after moving to Los Angeles Alex was skating down the local favorite, The Fish. As he 180 slid at near walking speed down the run he encountered a young Francis Cooper Darquea Mauro. Cooper had moved to LA the day before to “go to college” (skate everyday); quite the coincidence. The two became friends and Cooper became joined the team. Soon after came Topanga locals Sam Hay and Ian McSherry, as well as Cooper’s weird east coast friend, Norman Plante. The team was all together and the first video footage was recorded, Fjell Ri.

From there the word spread, riders joined, riders left, but the mission was always the same: sell enough boards to go on the next road trip. This has always been the function of the company. Keep putting gas in the car, keep skating, keep filming. After a while the boys collected enough footage to put together a 30 minute video DGJF.

Nowadays the boards, the skating, and the videos are all progressing. Valhalla doesn’t put out two videos a month like they did in the golden days of Raw Runs actually being cool, but when they do they certainly make them memorable.

Skate House Media is very excited to welcome Valhalla Skateboards to the team of Scene Supporters that make this site possible!

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