Letter of Recommendation: Foothills Pedorthics

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A few years back Calvin Staub, an extremely talented downhill skater and former skate housemate, stepped back from racing to apprentice under Peter Morin, a local Colorado skater who’d been practicing pedorthics for 20+ years.

Most of the time, Pete and Calvin use their training in anatomy and biomechanics to make custom footwear to help people with jacked-up legs and feet walk better, but they also make custom insoles for downhill skaters.

After hearing Zak Maytum extol their virtues, I got a pair of Foothills insoles about two years ago and was immediately blown away by the impact they had on my skating. The difference between skating downhill on their rigid custom insoles and riding normal off-the-shelf skate shoes is similar to the difference between a stiff speedboard and a flexy bamboo and fiberglass cruiser: your shoe doesn’t flex or squish, so you get much more precise control and leverage over your board. I could go on and on about the ways they’ve improved my skating, but I’ll just say that I won’t skate downhill without them and that if you’re serious about downhill, you owe it to yourself to get a pair.

Calvin racing in North Carolina back in 2015.

The catch is that they are custom made to fit your feet and you have to get fitted in person, so trip to Colorado is necessary. With the Devil’s Peak downhill race coming up in August, I hit up Calvin to get the download.

Max Dubler: If dudes are coming traveling to CO for Devil’s Peak, how early should they come to get fitted for orthotics?

Calvin Staub: Ideally they should allow a week to have the maximum time spent on them. The follow up appointment is included, which isn’t necessary, but gives you enough time to skate on them for a few days. If you can get on the schedule, we can get you in (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday).

MD: Ok so how should people get in touch with you guys to set up an appointment?

CS: Call our office at (303) 567-4854 or email info@foothillsped.com

MD: How much does it cost? Do you take insurance?

CS: We do not process insurance. The cost is $495 before tax if you do not have a prescription. If you want everything done that day, we usually charge an extra $100 rush fee

MD: Anything else people should know?

CS: Bring a brand new pair of shoes with you.

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