Arbor Skateboards :: Sucrose Initiative ~ The Bogart

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“The Bogart is our smallest and most versatile wheel. It changed Bill’s life, and it can change yours. Bill believes in the Bogart so much that he takes to the streets spread the Sucrose gospel, making sure everyone knows the Bogart is the ideal size for your cruiser or city slasher board, and comes equipped with a stoneground finish to slide perfect right out of the packaging. Big round lips keeps the slides smooth, and make sure these wheels roll smoothing on all surfaces. The core offset helps slow you down in slides, and even contributes to grip when you really need to lean into things. If you care about the children, check out the Bogart.

The Bogart weighs in at 61mm tall, with a 36mm contact patch and 2.5mm core offset. It comes in 82a in all five colors.” – Arbor Sucrose


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