Winners of the Kebbek Contest with Benjamin Dubreuil

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Special thanks to Kebbek Skateboards, Gullwing Trucks, and R.A.D. Wheels for making this contest possible. It was fun going through the entries and seeing the different styles of two hands slides. Just in case you missed the contest overview, here is the contest announcement video:

Overall Winner: Congratulations to Jose Rovira for going with the flow and hanging on. We don’t know if the 1 foot was on purpose or not but it was rad! At Skate House, we are all about safety and promoting the wearing of helmets, especially when riding at high speed. Just because Jose didn’t wear a helmet, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Jose will be ripping on a new Kebbek Benjamin Debreuil Pro Model Deck complete with Gullwing Charger 2 Trucks, and R.A.D. Release 80a wheels. We are even gonna squeeze a helmet in the box to help a brother out.

Kebbek Choice: Marek Vanourek and Radek Lukes sent in this smooth short to take the prize. Kebbek was nice enough to hook up a pair of decks for the crew. Marek and Radek will be receiving a Reve and a Rockin Rookie Topmount.

Skate House Choice: Giving it your best shot is sometimes the best you can do. Congratulations to The Sunny Coast Skate on winning a SHM T-Shirt, Kebbek Jim-Z Bushings, and large sticker pack.

Creative Choice: Got to give it up for thinking outside the box. Congratulations to Down East Productions on winning a SHM T-Shirt, Kebbek Jim-Z Bushings, and large sticker pack.

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