Maryhill Finals

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Martin Overtaking

There was some controversy surrounding the final heat of last week’s Maryhill Festival of Speed. Ramon Konigshausen, Zen Shikaze, Martin Siegrist, and Tim Del Rosario-Rojas came into the last left sweeper before the finish line in a tight pack, with Ramon in the lead. Martin went for an inside pass and put his hands on Zen’s hips, at which point Zen dropped a hand and slid out into the haybales. Ramon finished first, followed by Martin, Tim, Billy Bones, Graham Buksa, and Zen in last. The IGSA rulebook (PDF link) was consulted and Martin was disqualified for “violating the passing protocol.”

(Warning: personal opinion ahead) I’ve seen some dirty racing, and this incident was anything but. Martin didn’t stiff-arm Zen or push him outside to make the pass, he just touched the guy to let him know he was there and avoid rubbing wheels. It’s unfortunate that Zen slid out but, as they say in Canada, “that’s racing.” Martin may not have been the crowd favorite last Sunday, but he deserved second. – Max

Full sequence after the jump.

Check the totally next-level sunglasses/facial expression combo on the guy in the background. KILLING IT.

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