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Max Capps leads Graham Buksa, Keith Henderson and Vegas Jake. Note the carbon fiber knee braces Max is wearing.

Each spring for the last few years, the good folks over at NHS have put on races down the hilly parts of famous auto-racing tracks in northern California. The hills aren’t exactly challenging, so last year’s event at Sonoma Raceway had a fun equipment restriction: boards couldn’t be over 30″ long and you had to use traditional Indy-style cast trucks. This year they returned to the Laguna Seca raceway with the same equipment restriction.

More pics after the jump.

There are only 2 turns on the course. Neither of them required riders to break tuck and this one was the only one that mattered, so this post is gonna have a lot of pictures of dudes turning right. Graham “Biggie Boss” Buksa leads Tyler “Towel” Howell, Max “Max Burritos Locos” Ballesteros, Jimmy “Rad Train” Riha, and some random dude who doesn’t have NJKs or a cool helmet paint job so who cares.

Connor from Road Rider was in charge of everything. He handled business efficiently and swiftly.

This is how street skateboarding sees longboarding.

Ballesteros, Howell, Mercado, Riha.

Big man on a little board, Key Dougherty.

As you can see from the soft-foam skid lid, bare feet, tattoos, and giant holes in his knees, Max Capps fully embraces the #YOLO lifestyle. I will give him serious points for color coordination, though.

Byron won. Big surprise there.

The brackets. Click through for a legible size.

Dude went into the skateboard museum at Santa Cruz, grabbed his old leathers from 1986 off the wall and raced in them. Impressively, they still fit.

It was ABEC 11 team dude Johnny Miller’s 50th birthday. He brought out this old foam-core race deck that used to belong to Cliff Coleman.


Masters podium. Johnny won. I think Rick Kludy got 2nd. Geoff Shredwell was in the mix too.

Open podium. Byron 1st, Kyle 2nd, Max 3rd, Graeme 4th.

Malachi Green with the old school tuck.

Vegas Mike. That’s all, folks.

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