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Downhill skateboard racing returned to Southern California with the Cinco de Mayo weekend Catalina Classic. Riviera Skateboards, Paris Trucks, and the folks at Resource Distribution put on a world-class event with an exciting, technically challenging course with outstanding race organization.

Arbor and R.A.D. James Kelly leads Pat Switzer and Alex Tongue on the way to victory in the final heat.

Calvin Staub footbrakes before snaking Jimmy Riha’s inside to claim second place in the consolation final. In his first race since having the screws removed from his ankle, Kevin Reimer won the consi and took fifth overall. Riley Harris got eighth overall.

Landyachtz rider and friend of the Skatehouse Dillon Stephens demonstrates the “tip and rip” style of predrift.

Strike on the mic, announcing and yes that is his real hair.

Madrid and Gullwing rider Andrew Mercado leading the competition.

The road was pretty skinny through the never-ending left; so the haybales were pushed right up against the guard rail. Pat Schep crashes into Tim Del Rosario. This crash must have been rough.

2011 world champion Patrick Switzer leads Mt. Kiera winner Alex Tongue through turn three.

Colorado locals Kyle Wester and Justin Rouleau thought they had this.

They didn’t.

Landyachtz‘s Billy Bones got crashed out in an early heat; but that didn’t stop him from looking cool.

Venom’s Max Capps and Calvin Staub demonstrate the difference between Colorado and California style. Colorado was faster.

George “G-Mack” Mackenzie, wearing Wolf Coleman’s old leathers, holds off Alex Tongue in turn 2.

Kyle Chin narrowly avoided this 2-man pileup.

That would’ve been a bummer.

Big Dave Tannaci walked in front of my camera right as Jimmy Riha and Erik Lundberg were coming down the hill. I ain’t even mad.

Arbor team honcho Max Myers shows off his space-age slide pucks as he follows Arizonan Lonnie Leonelli. Lundberg brings up the rear.

Kyle Wester rockin’ the clear visor to show off his skate face. Confidential to Kyle: the velcro knee patch thing you left in my car is under the stairs at Zak Maytum’s warehome.

Victorious, James signs an autograph for one of his many female fans.

The awards ceremony was mercifully brief.

Three grand is pretty damn good prize money for a first-year event. I can’t wait for 2013. Special shout out to Riviera Skateboards, Resource Distribution, Paris Trucks, and Brent Dubendorff for making the event happen.

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