NCDH Mount Jefferson Photo Highlights: Day 1 and 2

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Heading into the fast combo.

Max Dubler went out to North Carolina and shot photos at the NCDH Mount Jefferson race. If you have the patience to click through some big albums, you can see almost every single decent photo he got from the first two days over on our Facebook page (direct link to day 1 and day 2). Otherwise, here are some bangers from the freeride and practice days.


Skate housemate Austin Pedroni flew out to hit hills and race.

Thomas “Teaj” Richmond and Phil Skaar following Ashley Winecoff through the bottom left.

Carnage in the combo-breaker.

Pretty sure this is Brad Perala , Dan Arney, and Stephen Sabia being chased by Sean Reilley.

Jacob Hales hit this stand up toeside in the pack like it was no big deal.

Marshall Parrish hooked this heelside around the corner and gripped up at the apex like a boss.

Stephan Vaast is the man behind Midslids. He took a week off from building insane carbon fiber boat components to come skate hills.

Madison Crum is one of the organizers of this race. He shreds.

Dan Arney is one of Madison’s roommates at the Boone skate house. He also shreds.

Original NC ripper Kevin Kang hits a fat standup during a group run while Noah Fischer looks on appreciatively.

The steez on this stalefish is extra rad when you realize dude is riding 204mm Kahalani trucks and skating in Timberland sneakers. Overall 1/1 presentation here, well done.

This did not end well.

I first met Stephen when he was like sixteen and a hardcore grom. He’s a hilarious college student and hardcore meme lord now.

Luge is a thing that happens at skateboard races.

Rain skating kinda sucks. This is Matt Noseworthy.

That’s all for now. Be sure to check the Facebook albums for pics of yourself. Stay tuned for race day photos. – Max

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