Sector 9 Skateboards | Jeff Budro Pro 36″

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All-Terrain Ripper, Jeff Budro, has been skating everything since 1987 when he built his first  mini-ramp in his backyard. From hills to parks, ‘Big Air’ Budro always throws down. Even at the ripe age of 41, he is a contender at any event and one of the funnest guys to skate with. For years he has opened up his home to skaters from around the world to get a taste of the San Diego skate scene. He’s Pro-Model is well deserved and a perfect representation of a board designed around a rider’s style.

“This year Jeff Budro headed back into the woodshop to sculpt his new 36″ pro model board designed for and dedicated to the all-around skater. From the hills to the skatepark and back to the launch ramp, Jeff linked with other Sector 9 team riders to showcase just how versatile this new shape is.”

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