Skatesgiving: Olivier Seguin-Leduc Photographs

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Year after year, Ben Dubreuil, Brian Peck, Matt Kienzle, and Pat Schep head back to the East Coast. We all hop into the Comet van to do Skatesgiving. In addition to these usual suspects, we got Eric Jensen, Louis Pilloni, Billy Meiners, John Barnet, & George Mackenzie on board for the 2013 Skatesgiving series.

Borderlands is one of the nicest runs on the East Coast.

Skatopia local showing off an old cover of life magazine.

Landyachtz lifestyle athlete Billy Bones steady cruisin’ on the invasive species road.

Kebbek backer Benjamin Dubreuil hits the line as Rayne‘s George Mackenzie walks it.

3 Way raw run between Pilloni, Mackenzie, & Dubreuil.

Kebbek rider John Barnet in hot pursuit of Billy Bones.

Landyachtz‘s Pat Schep wrenches away while Brian & Ben slumber.

Comet/Caliber enthousiast Eric Jensen back disasters at Skatopia.

Sector 9 representatives Louis Pilloni & Matt K discovering a new road.

Comet advocate Brian Peck leads the charge standing while Benjamin Dubreuil rocks it with both his hands on the ground.

Back to you Brian.

None of this is possible without the help of Kebbek Skateboards, Sector 9 Skateboards, Landyachtz Skateboards, Comet Skateboards, Paris Truck Co, Bear Trucks, Rayne Longboards, & RAD Wheels.

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