Sketch Fest Part III : Arraquetilla Amor por la Pandilla (Love for the Gang)

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Downhill skater races G Biker down South American Highway, get tangled with Motorcycles.

Long before downhill skateboarding made it’s way to Medellin Gravity Bikers were tearing the hills here apart. By the time guys like Juan Pablo Villegas started building shlong boards to bomb hills in this city the G Bikers had already found all of the runs. When we go out skating hills now it is not uncommon for a pack of skaters to run into a pack of Gravity Bikers sessioning the same hill. One such hill is Palmas, a massive four lane highway that snakes it way down from the airport at the peak into the heart of the city in the valley. We were lucky enough to capture one such encounter between Juan Sebastian Parra from the Arraquetilla Biker Clique in Medellin and Felipe Marin (Valhalla, S1).

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