Paris Truck WTF Honorable Mention

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While these photos didn’t win, they sure get an Honorable Mention. How often do you see cows in Cowzer? This crew will receive a small care package courteous of Paris Trucks and Skate House Media.

“Here is my funkin foto. I didnt stop btw. Rider-Matt Blondin (me) Photo via GoPro by Ian Barry. Have melancholy day.”  – Matt Blondin

Rider: Maxime Robitaille
Photo: Olivier Seguin Leduc (OSL)

“This is Ethan K-roll I took the picture and it is of David ‘Fingerbang’ Rudgers at Cathlamet at the slide comp. He skated down a ledge about an inch wide and 4 feet tall and I took my picture at the exact second Jon Huey shot his flash.” – Ethan K-Roll

True fan as you can see by the skatehouse stickers on my board!”  -Ryan Feeny

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