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Ramón is a shredder from the far off land of Switzerland.  He came by the SkateHouse before it was the SkateHouse and was kind enough to do a Guestbook interview for us about his stay!  Ramón can skate it all but is best known for his strong performances at slalom and downhill races across the globe.  He recently had a bad encounter with a guard rail and broke his fibula – we wish him a quick and full recovery!

Why did you want to come stay at the SkateHouse?
I wanted to come stay at the Skatehouse because I had no other place to go after the Bonelli race in 2008.

Check out Ramon’s infamous crash at 4:20

How far, when and why and how long did you come to the skate house?
I came a long way…in October 2008 I went on a North America tour. Coming from Switzerland I started in North Carolina at a slalom race, then went to skate with Zak Maytum in Colorado, who then told me about the race in Cali…long story short: all I got for a plan were my plane tickets to California. After the race (and crashing two nights in Mercado’s van) I was looking for a place to stay until Tuesday, when my flight was leaving to New Mexico. I got introduced to Louis Pilloni and Steve Doman, who drove me out to the skate house…

Weren’t you one of the first people to stay at ‘skatehouse’?
Yes, it was the pre-skatehouse – the one that had a pet turtle and two dogs called James and Louis.

Who else was staying at the house when you were here?
I remember James and Louis lived there…I think another housemate’s name was Aaron (Close Ramon, it was Adam and Jason). As for visitors Hugh Kibbling from Canada was hanging out there with me too…oh and some Coloradans…Coop for example…

Describe a day in the life of a SkateHouseMedia?
Uhm…let’s have the day start at midnight…you’re probably into the third or fourth game of beer pong until sometime when you pass out and get woken up to drive out to the hills and skate…I felt like I just get dragged along too all the spots…no one told me about the rock wall…haha…then you get back lick your wounds so they don’t stick all over the skatehouse couches…

Ramon going all-out at Bonelli

Did you find the housemates active or lazy? Which housemates?  How so?
Louis is more active than James.

What is Patrick Switzer Time?
P-Swiss time? You mean like “first down the hill, last in the car?” Well, I had the pleasure to live with Patrick (in Switzerland) for 3 months he’s really good at subtly taking his time so that no one gets annoyed…at some point you get a way of dealing with it.
When we go out for skate sessions here in Switzerland and someone’s late…they’re P-Swissing…it’s like skater slang for “taking your time for no reason”

Doesn’t your place in Switzerland sometime become a skate house?
Haha, who wrote this? Louis? – Yes it does become a skatehouse sometimes. We’ve actually wanted to launch skatebarnmedia. It’s a great thing for me to be able to give back what I get in hospitality all around the world. Like last summer between Almabtrieb and the Graveyard Call I had round 35 people stay in and around my (grandparent’s) house.
(Living room = Internet Cafe, Backyard = Camp Ground, Barn = Youth Hostel and Gym, Pool table room = B&B, Fireplace = BBQ Party, local bus = skater shuttle, “one big tent” = pick up line) We’ve had a great time…but I need everyone to come back…I forgot to take a group shot last year!

Group of campers at Ramon’s skatehouse taking a break by the lake

Did your place become messy?
Luckily (at least that’s what I was told) Brianne, Dominique and Justin did most of the cleaning, thanks gals!

What was your favorite part about you SkateHouse stay?
This might sound odd…cooking for the guys was a cool thing…other than that the skating of course, it was hectic…especially my acquaintances with several rock walls…the warm welcomeness…Oh and James Kelly!!!!!!

What are SkateHouse do’s and don’t’s?
Uhm…doesn’t ring a bell. Maybe they weren’t quite developed at that time. One of the do’s for a new visitor is to get to know the rock wall down a favorite spot maybe…maybe change the sheets? I think Michael Oury wants to say something about that…

Did you take anyone out while riding down here?
I can only remember taking out myself…

You cooked a bomb ass dinner when you were here, was that a swiss recipe?
Holy Cow you guys still remember that! Smells like mutual appreciation here. It was some Swiss influence for sure (the part with the cheese)…other than that I just took standard American ingredients and combined them in an elaborate kinda way – haha…I’ll bring Ovomaltine spread next time…I know you’re craving these Swiss treats!

The campground at Ramon’s skatehouse, photo by Patrick Switzer

How are the compared to your home hills?
The runs have more flow, the pavement is a bit more slick…overall speed is faster. My home hills are steeper and windier, pavement grips more. Roads are overall more narrow too. There are no bus runs, but instead of a lake there’s the ocean at the bottom. Back at home the hill starts at the front of my door…

What was the most memorable moment of your stay?
I think I’m traumatized by the rock wall. Other than that hanging out with Hugh and testing the GoPro in the turtle’s aquarium was almost as much fun as skating the hills in Malibu…oh and Coop shooting off a cliff

What was the worse thing about your stay?
That it was only 2 days short…and sleeping with road rash all over my arms…it stuck to everything.

What was your opinion of LA?
Honestly, coming from Switzerland, and from what I’ve seen to me it’s a huge pile up of civilization…I still remember smog clouds and a hasty lifestyle (outside the skatehouse of course) – But I really haven’t seen much…so this is subject to change…

What is your favorite type of skating?
Freeriding windy, steep and narrow roads that preferably have a gondola that takes you to the top…not quite the same style most of the Cali riding is…but I definitely want to do more fast freeriding with high speed standup speedchecks etc…It’s a lot in the roads…we get a lot of hairpins and narrow roads with no traffic… so you adapt your style…

Aptly named on Facebook… “Ramón FAIL – Guard rail WIN”

What do you think about us trying to get a new house?
Get the same thing I have and you’re set. Just build that freakin’ mini ramp in the barn…I’ve been wanting to do that for the past 5 years! No seriously this sounds like a reasonable plan.

Please explain the style of the hills that you were able to skate in California?

Describe the hills and if the video do them justice?
You just want me to dig out that video of my crash…oh well…I’ll get it for you.

Did you get in a video?
No but my crash did.

Did you get out into the LA social scene?
No, you guys did a terrible job taking me out and introducing me to any Cali girls…booo! But I heard some stuff that went down at my skatehouse…Louis?

Ramon is actually a professional bottle whistler in Switzerland

What was the best thing you did during your stay besides skate?
Cook for filthy, unhealthy skaters and play beer pong…haha! There really wasn’t much I did besides skate cause I only stayed for two days…means you want to get to see as many spots as you can…

Which sofa was your favorite to sleep on?  Sorry if you had the floor the entire time.
The sofa that stuck the least to my road rash.

Would you come back? Do you think we would let you back?
I’ve been wanting to come back for a while now…Louis and James have stayed twice at my place in the meanwhile…so I think it’s about my turn now ;)

Did you get broke off? Did you take someone out? How? What was the damage?
As mentioned a few times now, I hit a rock wall at maybe 35mph and got some decent road rash on both of my arms…as it it was not enough I hit another (more famous) rock wall 2hrs later…the damage was reasonably small though…while crashing into the first wall I thought I’d break something…

Do you like skate house? Why?
Do you mean on Facebook? I get daily updates…

What kind of influence did the skate house have on you? What kind of influence did you have on the skatehouse?
Bombing without leathers…I hope I influenced them more foodwise than skatewise

What is your favorite skate house video?
Shotgunning a beer fail / Double Pendy

Any advise to anyone looking to crash at the skate house?
Avoid rock walls.

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