Kebbek 25th Anniversary Series: Opalescence LTD

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Kebbek has helped cultivate the downhill skateboarding community for over 25 years. From supporting riders, events, to innovated board designs, you can count on Kebbek to be there for the core community. To commemorate their 25th year of making skateboards, Kebbek introduces a limited edition color shifting paint on a their lineup. It will be sure to turn some heads as you fly down a hill.

“The color shifting 25th anniversary series represents the change in all of us. The change we have been through in our 25 years of reimagining skateboarding, the change you have been through as skateboarding has undoubtedly transformed your life. Each skateboard is hand painted in-house with our custom formula of opalescent paint which echoes your colorful, ever-evolving personality. Visit Kebbek for more info on our line up, and our history in skateboarding. Making skateboards for a quarter century means 25 years of long days and late nights. 25 years of having sore hands and rough skin. 25 years of being curious and stopping at nothing to satisfy the taste of progression. 25 years of event support and community involvement. 25 years of making friends and having an unconditional love for skateboarding.  Thank you for sharing these passions and contributing your time and energy to the family of skateboarding. We look forward to continuing to provide the means to skateboard by making quality gear you can count on. ” – Kebbek


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