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If you have ever met Brian Holden, then you know he is a unique character.  He’ll ask you if you want to go visit the King of Burgerland or hang out with Ronald when he’s hungry. He’s a good friend that will go out of his way to help you and make sure you’re laughing the whole time. Sometimes though, you can’t help but wonder if he’s being sarcastic or not. It doesn’t help that when you finally break down and start laughing in his face, he claims “Yo I’m serious, dawg!” He was a local at the SkateHouse before he recently moved back to Colorado but he is welcome back anytime.

Why did you want to come stay at the SkateHouse?
Met Louis and James at Ditch Slap, Buffalo Bill and had some wild times on the Euro Tour 2009. It was rad to hear about the Cali skate scene. Once they extended the invitation, I was looking for tickets and plotting my skate trip.

How far, when and why and how long did you come to the skate house?
I am from Denver, Colorado and I came in at 7 o’clock new years eve for 2010. I figured what better way to start off the new year than get rowdy with all your skate buddies. I stayed for a week, but ending up scoring a job in Southern California and was lucky to live and work for the remainder of 2010 in Socal.

Brian stays laughing even after he crashes.

Who else was staying at the house when you were here?
Just the roommates Louis, Max, Brian, James and Matt,  but I became a skatehouse regular on the weekends after I moved to California. It was great to meet all the skaters passing through.

Describe a day in the life of a SkateHouseMedia?
Sleep in till noon, skate till it gets dark. Watch a shitty netflix movie or watch someone play video games. Talk about going to a sick party but crash out on the couch instead. Wake up hungover, sleep in till noon…….repeat.

Did you find the housemates active or lazy? Which housemates? How so?
Louis – the James Brown of skateboarding, always editing a video at home and always filming while he skates. It’s a bummer he is always behind the camera cause he rips hard when he is charging, really fun to watch. Wakes up at like 7 am and hustles all day, definitely not the plush lifestyle everyone in youtube land thinks skaters live.

James- chilling on the couch or out raging the hills. Eats a constant diet of raviolis and got sucked into chatroulette. To quote Max Dubler, “I am pretty sure James Kelly has seen more dicks than me.”

Max Dubler – king of the one liners. Constantly fueled on caffeine and processing on a high level of college intellect. Rad coping style and skates everything. fun dude to argue with.

Matt Kienzle- all hail the king of the straightedge! Listens to annoying death metal music and makes funny noises. He once walked back from Lax through Englewood with $1000 bucks in his back pocket….GNAR. Loves one foot tricks and riding kryptos.

Brian Peck-steezy thug style and master of random hip hop verses. Can air out of bowls like nothing and shares his waffles. Now with robo ankle!

Did you take anyone out while riding down here?
No, but I cut Tai off once….he was pretty pissed hahahahha

Describes the living situation at the skate house?
haha well its not  so I cant complain. Everyone is soo stoked on skating and hustlin’ you really feed off the vibe of the house and dont really worry about how small it is. Well that and I always got to sleep on the couch so I have no reason to complain.

Is the SkateHouse clean? Did you help keep it clean?
The best story I have is Louis called me to skate, and I rallied up to the skatehouse fully stoked for a session, but the rain clouds beat me to it. When I arrived Louis was like, “Hey good thing your here Brian! You can help us clean!” I dont know how, but I got tricked into helping them clean and re-arranged the skatehouse all day that day. I threw on a rad ipod playlist and hustled it out,  but it was still hilarious to get sucked into cleaning duty.

Do you feel you were a good houseguest?
Hell yeah! We had some rad times indeed. Except for completely missing Louis’s toilet and then Louis bringing it up everytime we drink.

How are the hills compared to your home hills?
The hills in Colorado are cut with flat hairpins and smaller grades so cars can climb them easier in the winter with snow. This allows for long bombing runs and full out race leather tucks. Coming out to cali the hills were fast, gnarly and banked. It was exactly the terrain I have been searching for and was stoked to stick around and rally some hills.

What was the most memorable moment of your stay?
Endless days of sessioning hills with the crews, matt k getting a sobriety check on new years, flight attendents, santa barbara, gangster clothing shoots, meeting Jason Statham…..soo many good times!

What was the worse thing about your stay?
See crash story and going to sushi…thanks Louis

What is your favorite type of skating? Did the skate house influence that?
Fast standup slides to avoid death, epic gnarly banked turns, blind first descents and going for it. Definitely, the guys pushed me on a day to day basis, def took my skate to the next ultimate maximum gnar level.

Describe the hills and if the videos do them justice?
Not at all, theres some hairball shit out there that looks tame captured from a gopro, but in real life these hills are double black diamond resorts and demand respect. You better throw down or you gonna get bucked.

Did you get in a video?
I turned into that dude and had the only part with no skating for a couple of months (Facetime with Brian Holden), but then was finally spotted in a beautifully shot Max Dubler production (Abec11 Flashbacks).

Did you get laid at the house? Hear anyone get laid?
hahahahahah I would spill the beans but I will just leave it with that a female flight attendent was present, and that it resulted in James kelly buying sheets after she was banged in his vacant bed.

What was the best thing you did during your stay besides skate?
A lot of things, but bar crawling with Louis Pilloni / Max Dubler or partying in Santa Barbara is up there.

Did you get broke off? Did you take someone out? How? What was the damage?
Just woke up after a rowdy new years with the crew. Headed straight to a steep one for a blind first descent.  Was following James down fine till he threw this goofy little speedcheck for what looked like a mellow right hand corner, I figured my speed was fine, then flew right into a jersey barrier bruising my tail bone and tweaking my ankle. Matt K jumped out of the car and was like, “Hey you alright? How about I finish the run and you take the car down!” determined I replied, “Hell no!” and  I finished my run  with my adrenaline shooting through my body. I was shaking the rest of the day, but managed to shuttle some runs after the pain kicked in.

Do you like skate house? Why?
Yeah cause its the raddest dudes skating for all of the right reasons in an original way. Better than the new sites that are popping up in which they just repost videos or stalk skaters facebook pages…I mean come on…really?

What kind of influence did the skate house have on you? Did you influence the skatehouse?
Made me realize there is more to life than just skating.

Haha how about micsho’s sexy body?
How about that flight attendent? I heard she still shows up from time to time.

What is your favorite skate house video?
James Kelly is Rollerman

Too much gopro footage and follow cam videos hahahha jk but seriously. But a lot of fun times and a great bunch of people doing what they love, what else more can you ask for?

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