Photos – Barrett Junction 2015

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Justin Rouleau leads a first round heat through the first right.

The infamous Barrett Junction outlaw went down once again a couple weekends ago. There were noticeably fewer competitors this year, as weekend warriors and pro riders alike realized that going as fast as possible on a haggard, unmaintained side road near the Mexican border is kind of stupid and dangerous, leaving a hardened core of adrenaline-fueled danger riders to brave the giant cracks, sizable potholes, sketchy patches and raging tailwinds.

This is Jesse Martinez. He’s probably been a pro skateboarder longer than you’ve been breathing.

Will Myrvold from Xtreme Boardshop holding it down on the luge.

Zak Maytum in a practice run.

Unknown, practice run.

John Rogers laying down to go faster.

Nick the Brown Kid predrifting over the chunder.

Justin Rouleau handling business way out in front.

Zak Maytum leading A-Swag and Sean Knapp in the semifinals.

Aaron Hampshire won.

Podium shot. A-Swag first, Zak second, Mark Barfeld third.

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