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Kevin Reimer is the 2010 IGSA World Champion, fresh off an extraordinary racing season with over 10 wins last year. He showed us he doesn’t plan on slowing down this year by starting the season with a victory in Puetro Rico. Many know K-Rimes as a dominating racer but if you have ever talked to him you know he is all about skateboarding, period. He is motivated to become the best skateboarder he can be simply because he loves to ride. His true passion is downhill but he’ll be quick to tell you his favorite skateboard maneuver is an ollie.

SkateHouse: Hey Kevin, how you doing today? Anything new and exciting in your life?
Kevin: Today is a good day! Been doing some product shots of the new anodized trucks / colors from Aera Trucks in my basement. Editing them up. Had a few days of good skating since getting back on Wednesday and now the rain has set in. Getting my pickup truck ready for the drive to LA next week (needed some speakers) and will need a fan clutch and radiator clean before the trip. Stoked on 2011!

SkateHouse: When did you come to the SkateHouse and how far did you travel?
Kevin: I’ve been to the Skatehouse countless times now, but my longest and most memorable stay was nearly 2 months in 2009. I was the first one to live in the living room. I had a deadly set-up right in the corner by the kitchen. My goal was to skate hard, and I did just that. At the time that I was there for 2 months, it was much smaller. At the time the Skatehouse had three full time residents and I was #4. It was Louis in the master bedroom, James and Dubes in the sub-room, and me in the living room. Midnight (Dubes’ dog) was living there too.

SkateHouse: Why did you want to come stay?
Kevin: Originally I wanted to freeride in California and grow as a skater. I’ve been to Skatehouse several times now, and it’s always so I can visit with my buddies and shred the shed, daily.

SkateHouse: Describe a day in the life of a SkateHouseMedia?
Kevin: Wake up. Safety meeting for those who need it. Go skate. Come back. Safety meeting for those who need it. Go to bed.

SkateHouse: You make it sound like we don’t got jobs and are skate bums. You have to admit it’s pretty surprising that we can get anything done?
Kevin: Well, most people there are skating daily but they also have jobs. You guys get a lot of skating done and that’s all that matters.

SkateHouse: Did you find the housemates active or lazy? Which housemates? How so?
Kevin: Everyone at the Skatehouse is a different person. At the time, we all contributed to the mess, we all shredded hard, and we all cleaned up. Some people hang out, others go out… The whole crew is all about cold-hard chillin’, there isn’t anyone who can be singled out for being lazy.

Munnsville ’08 finals.  Look close enough and you can see Kevin smiling…

SkateHouse: Come on, spill the beans, who contributes the most the mess? The only way SkateHouse is going to get clean is if someone calls them out.
Kevin: The most MESS?! That’s a hard one. It’s truly a collective effort of everyone who lives there… Basically: One person leaves one dirty pan in the sink, and then someone leaves a glass, and then it just explodes from the epicentre which is the kitchen. No one is truly THAT messy there, it’s just nobody wants to clean up after FOUR dudes after they’ve all had dinner separately…

SkateHouse: What is Patrick Switzer Time?
Kevin: Patrick Switzer time is what happens when Patrick is around. Everyone has been ready for about an hour and Pat is eating an avocado and yogurt, then he has to flip his hangers, and change his wheels, bearings, spacers, and speedrings. Then he needs to have a shower, cause he hasn’t had a shower yet and everyone else already has. Then he’s filling up his water bottle. After the water bottle he’s probably going to shave or something… You never know. All you do know, is you’re on Patrick Switzer time and it’s going to take a long time to get out the door or on the road.

SkateHouse: Did you take anyone out while riding down here? Did anyone take you out? (Sorry Kevin – Louis)
Kevin: I’ve been taken out many a time by many different people. Louis is higher up on the list than James. I can’t remember taking anyone out too badly when at the Skatehouse.

SkateHouse: There was that time you made Louis’s board go into that lady’s bush (Learning Curve Vol. 3) but what happened recently between you and Louis?
Kevin: Louis and I both really like to get out in front when freeriding and like to hold onto that position. Louis started off the run in first as I wasn’t quite ready to drop in. I tried to pass Louis by building up a bunch a of speed and passing him at one of the gnarly speedbumps on this particularly tight and small road. Little did I know, Louis had been planning to bust a toeside speedcheck before the speedbump. He tossed it and lost his footing just as I was about to shoot past him at max speed. Louis ended up falling onto his skateboard and rolled right in front of me. I did a 1/2 flip and ended up slamming onto my shoulder and head after I catapulted at the knees over crashing Louis.

SkateHouse: Didn’t Zak Maytum get messed up on the same speed bump?
Kevin: I’ve heard Zak fell on the road… But I thought it was lower? Those speedbumps will eat you up… Risk it.

SkateHouse: Describes the living situation at the skate house. Super spacious right?
Kevin: The living situation at the Skatehouse is “Good luck finding a couch for the night.”

SkateHouse: Is the SkateHouse clean? Did you help keep it clean?
Kevin: The Skatehouse is probably the dirtiest little apartment I know of. It’s not that it’s full of dirty, rotten things, but more that small bits of dirt and skateboard stuff pile up over time and it adds up. It still shines when it’s clean though, so it’s not too bad. I’m a big cleaner of the Skatehouse. If I’m there for any amount of time I’ll always take something upon myself to clean. I do dishes, I clean the shitter, I clean the glass. I pulled my weight and I always will. If I set a good example, maybe others will follow. I don’t mind helping out when I’m visiting my friends place. If everyone cleaned up for 5 minutes a day, that place would be spotless. It looks great afterwards.

SkateHouse: So you feel you were a good houseguest?
Kevin: I’m a great houseguest. If anyone disagrees, I’ll scalp them. Sorry. :)

SkateHouse: We all know you are one of the best houseguest which is why you are always allowed back. How are the compared to your home hills?
Kevin: The hills are sick! Different style. Sick curves with banking. Flowy mountain roads. No houses. Nice stuff.

SkateHouse: How is that different from your home hills of Vancouver, BC, Canada?
Kevin: I feel like at home in Vancouver, I ride different terrain… Our hills are cut from the granite and thus have harsher shapes and odd steeps. California has perfect, flowing, soft sided mountains and the roads follow the rain washed curves of the natural terrain. Different styles…

Louis and Kevin drag racing at Munnsville ’08, right before Kevin’s visit to California to film the 4prez O-Tang video.

SkateHouse: What was the worse thing about your stay?
Kevin: Midnight’s black hair being on my feet.

SkateHouse: What is your opinion of LA?
Kevin: Concrete jungle.

SkateHouse: What is your favorite type of skating? Did the skate house influence that?
Kevin: I love skating anything… But steep hills and big stand up slides are what I live for. The Skatehouse helped me ride a bunch of sick new hills and really dial them in… Definitely helped with my style.

SkateHouse: Describe the hills and if the video do them justice?
Kevin: The hills are dope, and so are the videos. Nothing beats SKATING a hill, so no, the videos don’t do it justice.

SkateHouse: What kind of influence did the skate house have on you? Did you influence the Skatehouse?
Kevin: The Skatehouse showed me how to deal with anything, anytime. Thanks Skatehouse. I hope I influenced someone there, but who knows!

SkateHouse: Of course you did. That is what SkateHouse is about. It’s not about one person. It’s about the community of skaters that share the same passion. SkateHouse is about getting out there and skating new terrian with new people. Would you come back? Do you think we would let you back?
Kevin: I hope you’ll let me back, cause I’ll be seeing you in a week. P.S. I love that photo of Mischo you guys have on your fridge. It really brings out his best characteristics.

SkateHouse: Yeah we like it too. Don’t know how that started but you have to admit it pretty funny? Mischo love ya buddy. You are an extremely talented skater and good friend. Come over and drink a beer if your in Cali. Can you pass that message to Mischo, Big K?

SkateHouse: What is your favorite skate house video?
Kevin: I love the one Island Times, cause it was super fun to make and a sick memory.

SkateHouse: What is SKATEHOUSEMEDIA to you?
Kevin: Skatehousemedia is my bros having fun.

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