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Italian photographer, David Marsili, has been documenting the growing downhill skateboard community in Italy. Expect to see more from these Italian riders in the future. They have some of the best mountain runs just a short drive away.

“I’ve been traveling all around Italy to document the Italian skateboard downhill scenario. It’s impossible for me to represent my entire work with only 18 shoots and be grateful to all of the friends I met during these trips at the same time.” – David Marsili

2Gipsy Team on their homespot in the the Alps. Rider: Stefano Barbizzi, Niccolò Erba, Filippo Salerni, and Rafael Martyres

3We skate almost everything in Tuscany! Rider: Federico Primerano

4 Somewhere in Tuscany. Rider: Federico Primerano

5Florence Rider: Federico Primerano

6Self-portrait with Fabiano Ferretti

7In Italy we take it seriously. Rider: Giuseppe Maltese

8Fabiano Ferretti and David Lombardi

9Barbeque and beer before sleeping just on the spot.

10Patrick Lombardi skating a bow-street on Stelvio Pass.

11Rider: Tony Giordan

12Dead deer by Standies Rider Tony Giordan

13Nicola KH and Guido Cipolla, members of the Zeropare Crew, are dancing together on their homespot near Bologna.

14 Spaghetti, machete and mandolin with Nicola riv.

15Fabrizio Ara under the sun.

16Filippo Salerni is getting bored by the bows.

17The weather is not always great so in this case, let’s go searching for new homespots! Driver: Tony Giordan

18Hanging around with David Lombardi and Giuseppe Maltese.

David Marili

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