11 Questions with P-Swiss and the Final Greener Pastures Episode

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A skate trip with friends always leads to an exciting adventure. The terrain and people you encounter along the way can shape your outlook on a variety of things from skateboarding to eating habits to religious views. While you may have a plan for the trip, falling behind schedule and road bumps are things that you learn to accept and deal with. As you power through the rough patches, you learn new skills and strengthen relationships. The Greener Pastures Series brings the skate community along for the trip by documenting their travels of a van full of skaters. Now releasing the final episode of Greener Pastures, we sat down with trip creator and friend Patrick Switzer and asked a few quick question to get some more insight on the trip. If you haven’t seen the SHM Raw Run with P-Swiss back in June 2010 be sure to check it out. But for now enjoy GP 5 and a few words with Pat.

SHM 1: In 10 words describe Greener Pastures? Epic, Exhausting, Laughs, Road-rash, Heli-cam, 4-cam’s-rolling-at-once, rain, Greener-Heelsides, Czech-Tallboys, Swangry (Swiss-Angry)

SHM 2: How many miles of downhill do you think you skated during the film trip? ~270 kilometers = ~168 miles not including runs at Kozakov

SHM 3: What was the hardest part of the trip?Mornings and places to get good food were the hardest part.

SHM 4: Who puked on the trip? It was from altitude sickness right? James and George puked.  I think it was because of something the Czech, 3Heads guys brought with them.  Must have been the flu.

SHM 5: Was there any damaged filming equipment? I dropped and bought Yvon’s Canon T2i, Dan the RC heli guy lost communication and crashed the heli damaging another camera.

SHM 6: Is the subject of safety ever on your mind? Safety was a big part of it. We do our absolute best to make the road safe of traffic or dangerous situations, but in the end what could go wrong will go wrong.  Keep your wits about you and have an exit strategy (i.e. James sliding off the road in EP2)

SHM 7: Youtube suggests that James Kelly guy can be a bit of a dick, your thoughts? James is hilarious to travel with and has a good head. If your acting up, he’ll be straight with you. If he crosses the line (doesn’t happen often) he’s the first one to apologize. If there was a back story to each act someone did the episodes would be even longer than they already are! Not every story can be told.

SHM 8: What was the gnarlest crash on the trip? There were a number of gnarly crashes. James slides under a guard rail in the wet, I hit a dirt/rock wall, but Yvon takes the cake for a body covered in road rash. It was common to see him spray bombing himself with liquid bandage after a session. He pushed his limits so much, it was a pleasure to see him shred even with the stink grabs.

SHM 9: Best moment of the trip? For me, blowing minds showing new roads and passes to the crew. For most, following close behind the Moovie car with a 3m swinging jib arm on the narrow technical road in EP3.

SHM 10: Who got the most gold starts from the trip? The gold star award goes to Matt Arderne. This guy is a true South African chiller. No worries, no complaints, just happy to be part of it.

SHM 11: Free Space. Just say what you want buddy? Thoughts: Countless lessons learned. Suggestion: Gather some friends, sit down to bacon infused snacks and watch the series from first episode to last.  Vision: There will be a Greener Pastures 2. Thanks to the sponsors, the riders and anyone who had part of making the GP project come to fruition!

Episode Description:

“With the Greener Pastures filming section in Switzerland coming to a close, we were all ready to get to Kozakov and join the party. Oh yes, and practice the course with the best racers in the world, especially now that we had become comfortable with the European style road construction in a group dynamic.

The 3Heads have filmed Kozakov Challenge since 2009, and with their experience and ability to speak the language makes it an extremely exciting event to cover. We couldn’t be happier being part of making the event well known again through high quality media, and this time highlighting the Greener Pastures riders.

A bonus for the project, five Greener Pastures riders placed in the top ten! Congrats!

1st – Patrick Switzer
4th – James Kelly
6th – George Mackenzie
7th – Ramón Königshausen
9th – Kyle Martin

The Greener Pastures tour was exhausting, yet an invaluable adventure to remember because of the people, the skating and the life experiences in a foreign land. It is an absolute pleasure to expose the phenomenal free-riding in Switzerland. Yet, let it be known that European style road construction is some of the most dangerous to ride. If you decide to visit, talk to the locals and more specifically Samy at Roll Laden Skate Tours to help plan your trip, and be informed of the laws and the best places to skate. Be cautious, and ride with locals! Roll Laden Contact: nopain@nobrain.ch @ http://roll-laden.tv/ A big thanks to the Greener Pastures riders, and those at Kozakov Challenge for being part of the last episode!”

Matt Arderne – Fibretec Skateboards – South Africa
John Barnet – Kebbek Skateboards – Canada
Samy Cantieni – Roll-Laden Skate Tours – Switzerland
James Kelly – Arbor Collective – USA
Ramón Königshausen – Airflow Skateboards – Switzerland
Yvon Labarthe – Abec 11 Wheels – Switzerland
George Mackenzie – Sector 9 – Canada
Kyle Martin – Landyachtz Longboards – Canada
Patrick Switzer – Orangatang Wheels – Canada

Producer: Patrick Switzer
Director: Vit Hasek, 3Heads Production


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